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  1. Finding a suitable daycare was a difficult and daunting task. I realized that my maternity leave was quickly disappearing and I reluctantly began my search for the perfect facility. This proved to be an unsettling experience. After meeting and speaking with several childcare providers and different facilities my anxiety was increasing with each connection I made. At this point I began to wonder if I was ever going to find the right fit. Luckily during my tedious search I met Oleysa. Immediately she was open and informative about her values and expectations in childcare. I found her philosophy on child-rearing, discipline, and nurturing compatible with my own vision. Placing my son in Oleysa’s fulltime care was an easy decision to make; her nurturing and engaging demeanor was very refreshing and comforting. My son has been attending the care of the amazing staff at Wonderville for the past 6 months and has developed endearing relationships with Brenda, Sarita, Vivian and Cheema. These caring and patient ladies have taken the time to learn my son’s temperament, likes and dislikes and proudly share adorable (and sometimes not so adorable) stories of my son’s daily adventures. The caregivers at Wonderville are always developing creative and fun ways to play while catering to the individual needs and personalities of all of the children in the center. It is very obvious when I see the children interacting with one another that Wonderville encourages social interaction and promotes sharing, manners and friendship among the children. I believe that as a result of my son’s participation in the endless activities, crafts and stimulating curriculum his vocabulary and overall development has grown exponentially. The communication has been fantastic, each month I’m given a clear calendar detailing all of the upcoming events (music class, library visits, field trips to the zoo etc.). I love this feature, it’s really helped me plan his food and clothing needs appropriately. In addition to the monthly schedule I receive little “need to know” notes when I sign him in for the day. Whenever he needs supplies (diapers, wipes, spare clean clothes) or if they just want me to be up to date on my son’s development I find one. It’s a very organized and easy way to stay informed, which is much needed when there are two parents coordinating drop offs and sharing updates. It helps me feel in the know at all times, which I love! Without hesitation I would recommend this facility and group of amazing people. Natalie Chisholm
    June 10, 2014 Reply
  2. Thank you Olesya & the wonderful staff at Wonderville!! We were introduced from my friend who has her son enrolled full-time. My husband and I were blown away when we attended the facility's open house! The cleanliness, tidiness, organization and facility ammenities were nothing we would've expected! Meeting the super friendly staff and hearing more about the center's philosophies were a no brainer for us to make the decision on the spot this is where we wanted our 1 year old daughter to be. For a VERY attached & strong willed little girl, I wasn't sure how she would adjust especially only being enrolled part-time, but thru the transition period and caring & nurturing environment, our daughter has adapted very well to the environment & routine! She has made many friends with other toddlers & staff! She eats more than she does at home & even naps better there! Wonderville is not just a daycare but also a learning center. The providers are also teachers and we love knowing our daughter is in good hands! Communication with the staff has been amazing! Thank you Olesya for bringing this all together!!
    June 20, 2014 Reply
  3. Thank you, Natalie, for the feedback and all your support over the last few months! It is our pleasure to provide services to your family and even more to have such good relationship with you:)
    June 20, 2014 Reply
  4. Terri and Mark, thank you very much for such friendly and positive feedback!!! It definitely keeps us going! Hope you can join us tomorrow for the filed trip! Olesya and all team :)
    June 20, 2014 Reply
  5. Ever since I enrolled my son in Wonderville, Olesya has treated him like her own child. The staff employed always puts his and all children's needs first and I have never had to worry when leaving my child with them. They come up with creative activities to do for special occasions (Mother's Day, Father's Day) and on rainy days when they are stuck inside. Thanks to the daycare, my son got to visit the zoo for the first time! It was a very exciting field trip, one we will remember for years to come. For three months I interviewed caregivers and visited daycare centers before meeting Olesya. The other places didn't feel right, and the staff didn't make a connection with my son. On my son's first day, we both felt at ease, and comfortable. I know I can fully trust the staff at Wonderville, and dread the day when my son is too old to attend!
    June 23, 2014 Reply
  6. Raj
    As a 1st time mother I had no idea what I should be looking for in a daycare. My heart was breaking at the very thought of leaving my daughter with strangers. I spent months reviewing and visiting daycare centres. I had many sleepless nights until I met Olesya. From the moment I met her and saw her daycare and met her staff I was at ease. I felt very comfortable. I've had my daughter here for a few months now and she has so much fun. She loves the staff and all the toys and activities. Most of all she loves going outside for outdoor play. Even though my daughter is only there part time, she is learning so much. She feeds herself and is now picking up new words daily. She is a lot more independent. The facility is spacious, and very clean. I would definitely recommend wonderville!
    June 30, 2014 Reply
  7. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for Aahan this past two years. He went into your Daycare as a small boy, and he’s coming out as a little man who can count and spell his name! The kind of care you have provided is truly priceless. He actually enjoys going to daycare. It’s remarkable how much he’s learned, and how excited he is to tell us about each new discovery every day. Aahan is really going to miss his all Daycare teachers. However, I know that a part of them will always be with him because of all the wonderful things they’ve taught him. I view myself as extremely lucky to have found your daycare center. You have the best childcare facility, making learning interesting. Your rooms are really safe, beautiful, educational and luxurious. It always clean and healthy. All the teachers are really caring and educated. The best I can do is express my appreciation. So, on behalf of Aahan and his family, THANK YOU for the big difference you’ve made in his life! we’re so grateful for it!
    June 26, 2018 Reply
    • Dear Shailesh, Thank you! It was great to work with you and your family! We miss Aahan and all of you. Best wishes!
      January 21, 2019 Reply
  8. I have had both of my children (son & daughter) go through care at Wonderville (in a part time and full time capacity). We had them in care at varying ages so we have experience with each 'age group room' that Wonderville provides. We found this centre to be a warm and educational place with amazing teachers who genuinely care about the safety and development of the children. They bring in professional teachers for both music and dance class once a week and do trips to the local library, science experiments, art etc... a great environment for the kids to grow! The owner, Olesya, is very reasonable and easy to work with - she will accommodate your needs to the best of her ability. I highly recommend Wonderville Child Centre to any family looking for full time or part time care for their children! Thank you to all the teachers & staff for the years of care!!! As my youngest is moving into kindergarten and we no longer require daycare, I am excited for the next chapter but sad to be saying goodbye to Wonderville for the last time!
    June 27, 2018 Reply
    • Thank you, Robyn! We miss you all. Best Regards :)
      January 21, 2019 Reply