Infant Toddler

Description of the Program

The goal of this program is to create nurturing and safe environment for Infants and Toddler just starting to attend child care facility, in the beginning of their educational journey.
At Wonderville Child Centre we believe the most important element of success is to build close relationship with the family and work together in a partnership.

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Special Activities


Throughout this class children will be introduced to basic aerobics, gymnastics and yoga. We believe physical activities are essential and dedicate one day per week for active games and movements.

Wonder Snack

Exciting way of learning about a healthy food and nutrition with the parents participation is introduced to children in our preschool through the special days of “Wonder Snack”.

Music Class 

Music Class is scheduled once a week and geared to teach young children basics of music and of cause have fun!         Our Music teacher is highly educated and is able to present theory of music through play: you should see children’s involvement in this class, you probably would not believe young children can pay this much attention to details and follow the class with such interest and concentration!

Dance Class

We are proud to present Dance Class as one of our extra curriculum activities! Children learn special awareness, body movements, enhance their skills to follow directions, over time are able to memories series of movements and present them to the music and overall children just love our teacher Vanessa!

Library Story Time

Close proximity of the Strawberry Hill Library  allows us to arrange field trips during the special events and celebrations planed at the Library.

Science It`s All It Matters

Through series of simple science experiments, daily observation and such activity as play dough making and cooking children will learn simple concepts of math, chemistry, anatomy, biology and other aspect of the world around us.

Show and Tell

The purpose of this activity is to give each child an opportunity to present his/her favorite toy, book, ect. or talk about special event or memory in front of the group. This can be intimidating at first, but it gets better with practice. Ability to present a topic in front of the audience is an important live time skill. It comes with healthy self-esteem. Our responsibility is to make sure each child at our facility gets opportunities to be heard and listened to.