The goal of this program is to help pre-schoolers to gain necessary skills in order to be successful in kindergarten and their school experiences in the future.
The teachers will create supportive environment for curiosity, creativity, cognitive and physical development, while planning activities in accordance with Early Learning Framework and Leap BC set of resources.

Special Activities

  • Kids’R’Fit

Throughout this class children will be introduced to the theme of the day by doing basic aerobics, gymnastics and yoga. Our facility is equipped with the yoga mats, balls, hoola-hoops, small size aerobic steps and other items we will be safely using with the children during this activity.

  • Active Games

The goal of this class is to introduce children to the numerous of games that have been forgotten in the era of TVs and video games. Fun group activities from the wide range of team sports, such as soccer, hockey, dodge ball, etc. and group games such as hopscotch, “Wolf, what time is it”, “Duck-Duck-Goose”, “See a Little Dinosaur”, “Ring Around the Rosy”, “Ah-Tooya” and much more will teach children to work as a team, to keep entertained, and generally be happy!

  • Wonder Snack

Exciting way of learning about a healthy food and nutrition with the parents participation is introduced to children in our preschool through the special days of “Wonder Snack”.

  • Show & Tell

During this  the children will have an opportunity to talk about an exciting event, favorite book they have red or the toy the like the most (etc).

  • Spanish

The great opportunity to introduce your child to Spanish language or keep your child speak Spanish if it is the language spoken at home. Our Spanish Preschool Teacher designs special lesson plans and activities for children to emerge into Spanish speaking environment for the day.
The goal of this program is to introduce foreign language, enhance creative thinking, ability to communicate using the body language and listening to the emotions and intonation.

  • ESL Programing

Many children in our community will be coming to the preschool to learn English as a Second Language. It might be very challenging and emotionally overwhelming for some children. Being comfortable with the environment and feeling confident in being welcomed is the great deal of making first attempts to communicate in the language that everyone in a group will understand.

  • Wonder Days

Few time a year we will have a Wonder Day, special event for children and parents to celebrate together. This events are the great opportunity to see the program from the inside, meet the teachers, all of the children and their parents, as well as to invite your friends and family members to share your experiences.

  • Music and Drama Class with Zox of the Forest

Music and Drama class is scheduled once a week and presented by Zox of the Forest, performer David Cooper.

  • Library Story Time

At Wonderville Child Centre we have a great opportunity to visit the local library for specifically designed only for children in our centre Story Times.
Close proximity of the Strawberry Hill Library also allows us to arrange filed trips during the special events and celebrations planed at the Library.